After selling out our book, ‘Inspired Kindness’, we are now able to distribute the $50,000 of funds that were raised.

Two $10,000 grants have been awarded privately already, and we are now opening to receive applications for the three remaining $10,000 grants.

Full details on our grants process and our core criteria can be downloaded HERE but in a nutshell ….

• Applications open on Thursday 01 February, and close on Friday 02nd March 2018.
• Applicants successful for phase 2 will be notified on Monday 9th March.
• Phase 2 will require no more than a team of 2 to pitch to a panel of 6 people, in Sydney (although video conferencing will be available if interstate), on Wednesday 28th March between 2pm and 5pm.
• Applicants will be advised of the outcome on Tuesday 3rd April, with grant distribution occurring by the end of April.
• Primarily, we are looking to fund grassroots non-profits and early state social entrepreneurs (an income of less than $1m over the last 3 years) that have the potential to create positive change for individuals, communities and societies over the longer term.
• Applicants must be based in Australia, however there are no restrictions on the location or beneficiary groups that Rainbow Jane will fund, including overseas programs.
• We do not accept applications for religious or political campaigns, crisis appeals, overseas aid, or health research.

Applications open on Thursday 01 February, click here to apply …


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