In 2015, Emma Hogan had the opportunity to head to beautiful Necker Island with Business Chicks and Virgin Unite for a leadership gathering and a learning experience.

On the 3rd day, the vision to create a small foundation that would not only give back to the community, but inspire others to do the same was forming. That morning, reflecting on what this could become, there was a stunning rainbow over the sky at Necker which planted the seed for a name … Rainbows feel colourful, optimistic, bright, and inclusive of ‘many colours’.

Later that morning, the magnificent Jane Wurwand, CEO and Founder of Dermalogica was speaking. Jane told an inspiring story of how to think like a business person whilst improving the community at the same time … she had such a positive impact that the name Rainbow Jane was born.

Rainbow Jane now aims to serve the community in three ways:


Create ‘story-telling’ projects that
showcase great people doing awesome
philanthropic work in the hope that
these stories inspire individuals to give
back to the community in their own way,
no matter how big or small. (Our first
project is the #inspiredkindness book project).


Raise funds for deserved causes by
engaging people in projects where they
do something great for themselves,
whilst giving back to the community
(We have a fundraising trip to Kokoda in
our sights!)


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