Rainbow Jane focuses primarily on organisations that create equality, or solve community challenges both locally and globally. In 2015/16, Rainbow Jane supported the following causes:


$10,000 support grant to the COO to develop and grow
into the role of Acting CEO
AIME is a leading organisation in the philanthropy sector. AIME’s funds primarily go to the work
they are doing to solve educational inequality, and there is very little left to spend on developing
the leadership within the organisation to keep AIME on it’s GAME! So this year, Rainbow Jane
helped out a little with a development fund for a Senior Leader within their business to better
develop and drive AIME’s future strategies


$10,000 Centurion donation

RJ loves what Can Too does. Effectively, by donating $10k, we fund a ‘pod’ of people to learn to
run a half marathon – the $10k funds the professional coaches, the admin support, the venues,
insurances and all associated costs. In turn this allows all of the participants (usually 60 or so)
raise about $1250 each which goes towards funding Cancer Research.

Can Too gives you the double whammy – its brings out the best in individuals, whilst they are also
giving back to the community! Love it!!! Not to mention the people who run it are awesome, and
have raised over $16m during their 12 years of operation. You can catch these guys running and
swimming all over the city in the Can Too orange.


$10,000 donation to 2 riders on the 2016 Signature Anniversary
Tour from Brisbane to Sydney
TdC is an amazing organisation, also trying to fund research that will help us find a cure for
cancer. This was founded by a couple of mates, and has turned into a HUGE charity that has
raised over $23m over the last 10 or so years. Each person on the signature tour must raise
$12k, and this year RJ knew 2 riders and so donated $10 to help them get the funds they needed
to raise. Again, we love that people put so much work in to the training, and complete a gruelling
10 day, 1500km ride, but that together they raised over $4.5m as a group this year to try and kick
cancers’ ass to the curb. What’s not to love? ❤


$1000 for 10 copies of their Thankyou book
OMG – this wins RJ’s most inspiring story of the year. I was walking past the airport bookshop
and could see that they were selling a book called ‘ThankYou’ for whatever you wanted to pay
for it. I donated $50 and read it front to back in a few hours – awesome story of what businesses
can do to make money to pay their peeps, AND give back to awesome global causes. RJ was so
inspired that we bought 10 copies of the book for $1000 and gave them as gifts at our first ever
RJ event.


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